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Friday School Rules

* How Am I Assigned To Friday School?

*      Miss equivalent of one day prior to Friday School

+ equivalent means periods missed equals a school day for an individual student

*      Has an “F” or “N” grade at 8 a.m. on Thursday prior to Friday School

* What is the Friday School Schedule?

* Students must arrive by 7:45

* Students work on assignments left by teachers

* Free breakfast served, can order sack lunch to go

* Two teachers attend Friday School to assist students

* Students dismissed at 11:15


* What if I do not Attend Friday School?

* You will receive an absence.

* Your absence will count towards the 5 day attendance policy

* Exceptions must be cleared through the principal prior to Friday School


* What if I am late for Friday School ?

* You will be counted absent after 8:00 a.m.           

* How does Friday School help me?

* It gives incentive for maintaining attendance and academic performance

* It allows you to catch up on work

* You can “buy back” up to three absences

+ if you have an absence from the previous week that counts against your 5 absences, you can reduce this total by one

+ this is limited to three days or three Friday Schools)

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Last updated August 25, 2014